Fusebox change

Old fusebox before change

SDL Electrical can provide customers with a new modern Consumer Unit (commonly called a Fusebox).  A new Consumer Unit offers improved safety with modern MCB’s much more reliable than old rewirable fuses.  A modern consumer unit also has 2 RCD’s (often called trips) which help reduce inconvenience in the event of a fault in the property – as many circuits will remain unaffected.  Another big advantage of a modern Consumer Unit is that you won’t be left stuck in the dark trying to find a fuse or fuse wire should a lightbulb have blown.

SDL Electrical have the experience and expertise to install your new Consumer Unit.  All work comes complete with an Electrical Installation Certificate to cover the work, and all circuits in the property will require testing.  This gives you complete peace of mind that after you have had a Consumer Unit replacement that the electrics in your property are all safe and up to standard.

Fusebox Larne

New Dual RCD Consumer Unit
Consumer Unit Ballyclare

New Consumer Unit



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Last Modified: June 15, 2013