Wireless and Internet Heating Controls

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Heating Controls Installer Larne, Ballyclare, Carrickfergus

SDL Electrical have the expertise to give you the solution to your heating controls requirements. We have experience in installation of internet and app based heating controllers such as Nest, Hive, Tado and Honeywell Evohome to name a few. These devices give a lot of flexibility for the users to be able to control and monitor the heating when away from home, or if heading home early the ability to turn the heating on so upon your return you are met by a cosy warm home. Most of these controllers learn how to heat your home, and can offer a saving on heating costs, with a more comfortable level of heat as well.

SDL Electrical also have vast experience and knowledge on the non internet based but wireless programmable room stats, such as Honeywell, EPH and Timeguard. These devices give superb control over heating temperature with advantages over the standard method of hard wiring in a programmer and room stat. With the devices being digital they offer a greater control over room temperatures, and this should save on heating costs with a greater degree of comfort as well.

Larne Based Emergency Electrician

SDL Electrical can provide a quick response should you have an electrical emergency. We primarily cover Larne and surrounding areas such as Carrickfergus, Ballyclare and Ballynure.

We have the experience and expertise to find and repair the cause of your electrical fault and get power restored.

Energy and Money Saving Solutions

led bulb

SDL Electrical have lots of experience in modern energy saving solutions.  With electricity costs set to rise by almost 20% cutting energy consumption is becoming ever more important and cost effective.  We have the expertise to advise on what will, and what won’t, save you money around the home or office and can give an accurate assessment on how long any changes will take to pay for themselves.

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When it comes to energy saving lighting SDL Electrical has it covered.  We have worked with a wide range of suppliers and products to be able to supply the best low energy lighting at the right cost.   From standard household bulbs, to candle bulbs, spot lights and external floodlights.  It doesn’t stop there though, in the commercial environment we can supply and convert fluorescent fittings, high bay and low bay fittings to ultra efficient LED alternatives.

It doesn’t stop at just lighting though, with heating costs also on the rise we can upgrade your heating controls so that the central heating is only firing the boiler when it needs to.  Or if you have storage heaters then new high efficiency electrical heaters may be the way forward.

Our energy saving solutions will help save you money.  And if less energy is used not only will you be better off in the pocket, but it helps the environment also.


Consumer Unit (Fusebox) Upgrades

Fusebox change
Fusebox change

Old fusebox before change

SDL Electrical can provide customers with a new modern Consumer Unit (commonly called a Fusebox).  A new Consumer Unit offers improved safety with modern MCB’s much more reliable than old rewirable fuses.  A modern consumer unit also has 2 RCD’s (often called trips) which help reduce inconvenience in the event of a fault in the property – as many circuits will remain unaffected.  Another big advantage of a modern Consumer Unit is that you won’t be left stuck in the dark trying to find a fuse or fuse wire should a lightbulb have blown.

SDL Electrical have the experience and expertise to install your new Consumer Unit.  All work comes complete with an Electrical Installation Certificate to cover the work, and all circuits in the property will require testing.  This gives you complete peace of mind that after you have had a Consumer Unit replacement that the electrics in your property are all safe and up to standard.

Fusebox Larne

New Dual RCD Consumer Unit
Consumer Unit Ballyclare

New Consumer Unit



Electrician in Larne

Electrician Larne

Electrician Larne


Electrician Larne

SDL Electrical offer a comprehensive electrical service from an electrician in the Larne area.  We are able to provide fully qualified and insured electricians no matter how big or small the job.  At SDL Electrical we pride ourselves on our professional service and being able to meet the clients requirements.  From replacing a socket or light fitting in home to rewiring the office we have the resources and knowledge to complete the job to your requirements.

SDL Electrical covers all of the Larne area, including Islandmagee, Ballygally, Glenarm and Carnlough.  If you require an electrician in the Larne area give SDL Electrical a call.

Some of our services:

  • New builds
  • Rewires
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Extensions, Garages and Sun Rooms
  • Extra Sockets and Lights
  • Energy saving solution from LED Lighting to Timers
  • Fuseboard upgrades
  • Intruder Alarms (Burglar Alarms)
  • Heating Controls
  • Home Networking and Home Automation
  • Replacement Sockets and Light Fittings
  • Outside and Garden Lighting
  • Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarms
  • Testing, Inspection & Electrical Reports


For a free no obligation quote give us a call. Alternatively, email using the enquiry form provided on the Contact Us page of this website.

How safe are socket covers/protectors?


Everyone cares about the safety of their children, but it doesn’t seem to be well known that items that are sold as “Socket Protectors” are, in most cases, likely to increase the danger of an electrical shock from a socket.  This is because an electrical socket has to meet a lot of safety requirements, whereas a socket protector doesn’t and as such they can be easily abused.  Electrical sockets in the UK are already probably the safest in the world.

For some time now Fatally Flawed have been running this safety campaign to get socket covers/protectors banned.  We at SDL Electrical fully support this campaign and urge everyone to reconsider using socket covers/protectors